Michila Critchley


Michila has been an independent consultant since 2007, and is an Associate of the charity InterClimate Network (ICN). Michila’s core skill is in converting research into practice, including research into sustainable housing policy for use by EU-funded multi-partner project (‘Build to Low Carbon’ a project of for Severn Wye Energy Agency).

As Programme Co-ordinator of ICN’s Climate Voice’s project Michila co-ordinates an annual programme of model UN climate conferences and local summits in five areas across England this includes research into climate change impact, mitigation and adaptation of 20 countries in order to provide accessible briefings for secondary students involved in the model conferences.

Michila has extensive experience of the nuts and bolts of research – development of surveys including on-line survey tools for students, teachers and projects. Michila has also worked internationally bringing her research skills to inform NGO funding and development Cameroon.

She is an effective, open communicator committed to clear and timely outputs and with a proven track record in delivering high quality work for a range of stakeholders.