Lisa Meaney

Research Associate

Lisa is a researcher specialising in co-production of knowledge and brings to the Just Ideas’ team over 20 years of experience enabling environmental and social change through research and action. She has worked across the UK, through government, grass roots and cross-sector programmes. Lisa has a rich academic and practical understanding of change and its relationship to policy, power and culture. She has worked extensively on the ground as part of the Big Local Programme as and has a thorough understanding of its aims and the experience of communities delivering it.

Lisa holds an MA in Design and Environment from Goldsmiths which concluded with a published thesis on radical processes for the co-production of environmental knowledge. This has been presented at Royal Geographic Society annual conference and internationally.

She is currently a member of the Thame RSA Group finalising a Green Living Plan for Thame in Oxfordshire, following research into the potential for place-based statutory, community and business partnerships towards climate resilience, carbon reduction and nature restoration. She has recently undertaken the ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ course at CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology).

Lisa’s academic background in both scientific and art/design disciplines enable her to draw on a range of creative (e.g. film, podcasts, visual), as well as more formal and quantitative research methods.