Partnership development

Partnerships and collaboration between organisations or between different stakeholders are key to success in an increasingly complicated and resource challenged environment. Central to our approach to partnership is focusing simultaneously on developing positive relationships and working towards a common agreed goal.

Examples of partnership development work include:

  • Helen is currently working as part of a team with IVAR and SEUK to develop and deliver the Building Health Partnerships and Health and Social Value programmes funded by NHS England. Facilitating a series of development sessions with senior leaders in local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in a number of localities across England, these programmes are designed to generate better wellbeing outcomes for residents through more joined up design, commissioning and delivery of services. We have facilitated cross sector partnerships in about thirty different localities – from Bexley to Birmingham, Cornwall to Calderdale, Hull to St Helens.
  • Just Ideas was involved in offering support to those shaping and working within the emerging structures when the health architecture in England radically changed under the coalition government. We worked with WSA as part of a Community Development Foundation team to support the development of new Healthwatch organisations. We brought together staff and Board members of the new local Healthwatches with the local authorities supporting their development, clinical commissioning groups and national support structures to jointly develop protocols for working together.


I found the session was brilliant – well attended with a mixed group from the local voluntary and health sectors, including senior staff such as the Chief Executive of the council. It was very interactive. The session created an open atmosphere for true and honest discussion among the attendees and finally came up with a set of objectives with aims to progress further. Helen you were brilliant throughout… Overall the session was really well organised.

The overall programme of work provided local Healthwatch in East Midlands with a really solid start to their life.

We worked with Just Ideas on developing a networking and learning culture for East Midlands Healthwatch in partnership with CDF… we enjoy working with them – the energy and innovation they bring and their commitment to partnership working. Work is high quality and there is a clear commitment to ensuring a good outcome for all involved.