Project evaluation

Our project evaluation services are used by a range of clients to assess the outcomes of projects as well as providing essential learning in the project management cycle. Our experience includes evaluation of complex, international multi-stakeholder development projects through to small-scale community projects. Our strength is rigorous qualitative analysis based on approaches that are tailored to each client and project including semi-structured interviews, online surveys, focus groups as well as more informal facilitated consultation sessions.

Clients using our project evaluation services include:

  • VSO – EU end of project evaluation of ECHO Humanitarian: assessing the outcomes of a new humanitarian relief approach to volunteer placements. Volunteers, staff and programme offices were interviewed to assess innovative approaches used in the project including new training, placement development and work with local partners.
  • Plan International – an end of project evaluation for the international climate change awareness and action project ‘Make the Link – Climate exChange’ across six country partners. This involved analysis of existing quantitative data and engaging young people through interviews and focus groups to assess the difference in awareness and attitudes resulting from participation in the project.
  • The Makutano Junction Project – our evaluation approach was integrated into the project, using participatory classroom approaches to establishing a baseline (of children’s knowledge of Kenya and development issues) and assessing progress from that throughout the project
  • National Trust – for the Trust we evaluated the extent to which new Room Guide volunteer training had improved customer focus and satisfaction by surveying visitors at a range of Trust properties as well as semi-structured interviews with staff and volunteers.
  • Labour Behind the Label – we evaluated the Fashioning an Ethical Industry project following an initial period of DFID funding and as part of a multi-stakeholder EU funded project.


I hired Richard and Just Ideas to carry out an external evaluation of an EU-funded project at VSO and I was very impressed with the result. Despite a very challenging timescale, Richard did desk research and conducted in-depth interviews and surveys with stakeholders around the world. His personable approach, astute understanding of the project and attention to detail resulted in an excellent, very well-written, honest and detailed evaluation report, completed on time.

Thank you very much for exploring our work and pinpointing so eloquently what we do on a daily basis. It’s great to see our strengths identified, and focus on ways to improve the ETE [Education, Training and Employment] and activities service. It’s also fab to get client feedback and an insight into the effect of our work.