Community Conversations about heath and care – tried, tested, tweaked and ready to roll!

At Just Ideas we are delighted to be working with longstanding partners WSA Community Consultants and new charity Engage Britain to support 100 conversations about health and care across Britain between now and May. This is part of Engage Britain’s Health and Care project – to get people talking about what matters most to them about health and care, and sharing ideas, stories and solutions. Then to ensure those voices are heard and ideas discussed by movers and shakers across health and care policy to put people’s voice and experience at the heart of decision-making. Find out more here.

We’ve had twelve conversations and the findings so far are full of rich insights about people’s frustrations, challenges, and hopes for health care across Britain. We want to be sure that, as well as generating a rich emergence of perspectives, ideas, celebrations and suggestions, the conversations are also useful and enjoyable for those taking part. And we wanted to reach those who are not always round the table talking about health and care. Here’s what we found from the first 12 conversations, with 77 people responding out of 94 participants:

  • Three quarters of participants said they had never previously been involved in similar conversations about health or care.
  • 99% said they enjoyed taking part in this Community Conversation.
  • 95% felt that taking part has been useful for myself and/or my community (e.g. sharing experience, developing networks or shaping or voicing ideas).

With this great feedback we are very excited about the next phase of the community conversations. We have a cohort of Community Conversation Hosts at the ready – training sessions are starting this coming week. And we’re still looking for more potential Hosts to come forward in the next couple of weeks – particularly from Scotland and East of England, and also those who might be able to host conversations with people working in health and care, and younger adults from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. If that might be you, do have a look at the leaflet explaining how to get involved – you’ll find it here and also here in Easyread, and here in Welsh.

Mental health matters in our communities

With COVID-19 continuing to take a toll on mental health in our communities, it has been inspiring to kick off new work with Local Trust to support mental health in Big Local areas.

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Just Ideas’ and WSA named Practitioner of the Month by At My Best

One of the tools used by the Just Ideas team regularly are At My Best cards and we are delighted to have been named as their Practitioner of the Month joint with WSA.

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Co-creating an evaluation framework with UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research

The UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research exists to support health professionals, researchers and patients to unlock new ways to address long-standing health issues. Here Just Ideas’ Associate Leila Baker describes a recent blog by Centre co-creator Lizzie Cain summarises what the Centre has learned and gained from Just Ideas’ support.

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Reading Means Business on Climate Change – so do we!

Over 50 organisations including Just Ideas participated in the launch of Reading Business Climate Action Network on October 2nd, which will shape the development of the Reading Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2020-25.

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Understanding Measuring Change: a new blog by Local Trust

Local Trust recently published a blog featuring the recent series of events that they commissioned Just Ideas and WSA Community Consultants to develop and deliver.  We worked with participants from Big Local areas to demystify ‘evaluation’ by sharing experience of measuring change, and exploring a theory of change.

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Working with InterClimate Network to inspire climate action in schools

Against the backdrop of today’s Global Day of climate action – and stark climate headlines over the Summer – at Just Ideas we look forward to supporting this Autumn’s Model Climate Conferences with InterClimate Network (ICN), which will run in Reading, Cheltenham, Bristol, Solihull and London.

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Rethinking Home – our work with Local Trust on engaging transient communities

The increasing movement and ‘churn’ of people within Big Local areas are major challenges to community development, placing pressures on social cohesion. Just Ideas worked with Local Trust and a range of Big Local areas between January and March 2019 on this research into the experience of, and potential for, Big Local areas to engage with ‘new’ or transient groups or communities in their areas.

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“How do we know we’re making a difference?”

This was the question that motivated Big Local areas from all over England to come to four training events facilitated by Just Ideas in Birmingham, Bristol and York for Local Trust! Each event brought together Big Local partnerships to share their experience of measuring change in their communities, sorting outputs from outcomes and indicators from evidence.

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Powerful stories for change – NCD Alliance Training, Geneva, May 2018

It was an incredible privilege, facilitating a two-day course with WSA Community Consultants for an inspirational group of people living with non-communicable diseases (NCDs), supporting them in their roles as advocates and campaigners for the rights and voices of people suffering as a result of NCDs.

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