Guest blog: Supporting Solihull Schools to recreate COP 27

Timed to coincide with the annual COP talks – this year in Egypt – the InterClimate Network Schools’ Climate Conferences have become a fixture in the Just Ideas’ calendar.

This year we have been working together to create a group of facilitators – comprised of our Just Ideas associates – to roll out the delivery of Climate Conferences on school sites, using the resources developed by InterClimate Network. This will help to scale the number of conferences delivered to school students around England in the future.

Here, associate and guest blogger Aideen Blackborough has written about her experience of  supporting the recent Conference in Solihull:

“Just Ideas Associates have been busy supporting several Climate Change Conferences across the country.  Students form country teams,  each representing a participating country, and then take on the role of government negotiators, thus replicating the COP27 conference.

Each of the conferences to date have seen lively and thoughtful debate between pupils as they explore the issues of Climate Change. It’s been fascinating to watch as the pupils present their ideas and propose solutions for solving the crisis.

We’ve been absolutely delighted to work with the InterClimate Network team on such an important and pressing project.

Councillor Ian Meeson, The Mayor of Solihull, who opened the Solihull Conference, said, “It’s great to see this hall so full as this is an extremely important conference about an extremely important issue. We are all concerned about what is happening to the world and it is about more than just clean air.”

Read more about Aideen’s experience of  supporting the Solihull Conference on her blog here.