Organisational learning and tools

To grow and develop organisations need time to reflect on how they are working towards their aims, and whether they have a coherent theory of change that underpins their work. Just Ideas has supported a range of organisations with specific inputs to aid this development, either reviewing the current structure of organisations, providing tools for the development of new areas of work (particularly on volunteering and asset development) and supporting Boards to make informed strategic decisions about future plans.

Recent examples include:

  • Age UK Reading – Just Ideas worked with the Manager and Board of Age UK Reading to review how it works in the range of support services it provide for older people. The project resulted in a clear and succinct summary plan for the Board of Trustees to consider highlighting areas for development in future.
  • Natural England Visitor Engagement Volunteers –Natural England invited us to produce tools and resources for a new area of volunteering to the organisation, increasing voluntary involvement in how the public engage with the sites of beauty and interest which Natural England manage.
  • Just Ideas worked with Community Matters and the Asset Transfer Unit to develop a Partnership Route map – a guide to making the most of partnerships as assets are transferred to community ownership under the localism agenda.
asset transfer document


It was a pleasure working with Helen and Richard at Just Ideas, developing a new global education resource for early years and Key Stage 1. Their creativity, professionalism and openness meant that the process was smooth, enjoyable, and the product is of very high quality. I hope we have the opportunity to work with them again in future!