Who we work with

As well as talking the talk of partnership, Just Ideas walks the walk and collaborates with other individuals and organisations to deliver many pieces of work or projects. Directors Helen and Richard both work as associates for larger research or development organisations, and Just Ideas partners with a whole range of organisations and individuals with the necessary skills, capacity and experience to deliver excellence. This can involve developing bids and proposals in partnership with others, or bringing in associates to the Just Ideas team to boost our capacity or contribute a particular skill set.

This model relies on living Just Ideas’ experience of good partnership working – taking time to build relationships, sharing expectations, communicating effectively and being clear about roles, aspirations, outputs, outcomes and timescales. It also means the team is always selected because they are the right people for each specific job, and ensures cross fertilisation of ideas and opening up of opportunities. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch!


Local Trust

Local Trust’s mission is to enable residents to make their communities and their areas even better places in which to live. Big Local is their first and major initiative – Helen works with Local Trust as a Big Local Rep in four areas, as well as providing facilitation and training input.

InterClimate Network

InterClimate Network (ICN) aims to mobilise the energy and creativity of young people, inspiring them to become active citizens and leaders in sustainable, low carbon, economic development. Helen and Richard are Associates of ICN working with them to deliver the current ‘Climate Voices’ project (facilitating Model Climate Conferences for schools across the South East of England) and on the Your Green Futures project.


IVAR (Institute for Voluntary Action Research) is an independent, charitable research institute, based in London. It works to understand, support and strengthen voluntary and community sector organisation and management by using action research with a focus on impact, mergers, cross-sector relationships, capacity building, and work with trusts and foundations. Both Helen and Richard are Research Associates of IVAR.

SEUK logo

SEUK are the national body for social enterprise – businesses with a social or environmental mission. Just Ideas’ Helen Garforth is working for IVAR with SEUK on the national Health and Social Value programme designed to support local areas to deliver and commission for social value in health and care.

Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture aims to nurture children who respect themselves, each other and the world around them. It provides training, workshops and resources with a focus on the creative arts, nature, heritage and sustainable living. Just Ideas’ Richard Usher is a Director of Nature Nurture CIC. Just Ideas has worked with Nature Nurture to deliver tailored participatory tools such as games to encourage employee engagement and others to raise awareness of sustainability issues.

WSA Community Consultants specialises in community development, regeneration and social inclusion. Just Ideas currently works with WSA on community leadership training, particularly as part of the Big Local programme.