At Just Ideas we are on a journey of continuous improvement to growing an environmentally and socially responsible business. Our aim is to provide services that tread lightly on the earth and to help our clients to do the same. This is based upon our commitment to the vision of One Planet Living – described by Bioregional as “imagining a world where everyone, everywhere lives happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.”

Being virtual
Our Just Ideas’ associates operate virtually from their respective home offices, or from the offices of our clients. We believe this lowers our overall carbon footprint by reducing individual travel to a premises.
We are looking at other ways our virtual enterprise can reduce carbon emissions. For example, to further reduce our carbon footprint, our Reading office is powered with electricity from a renewable provider.

Choosing public transport and low carbon travel
As a business we operate across a wide geography. We work with clients across the UK and some activities are based in other countries. In response to the impact, we seek to operate a strict travel hierarchy for Just Ideas’ staff and associates. If we can walk or cycle we will. If not, then we will use the bus and/ or train. Only if none of these options are available will we use private cars or fly. From our Reading office we will access our Nissan Leaf electric car in the first instance in this case.

Managing waste
We recycle the paper, plastics, printer cartridges and any glass used in the course of our working day, whether in our home offices or on client premises.

Reducing consumption
We strive to minimise consumption of resources, keep paper use to a minimum. Print on both sides and use recycled paper. We pledge to continuously do all we can to avoid single-use plastic in the course of our work.

We will source stationery and other office supplies from responsible providers such as The Green Office . We choose recycled paper products. We are on a journey to reducing our use of plastics.


We recognise that we have not got this right yet – we are aware that we have a carbon impact through our travel and need to reduce single use plastic in our stationery supply. We are working on it. As a business we pledge to continually improve and reduce our environmental impacts.

Our Values: Contributing to our community

At Just Ideas we know that being an active member of our community is important and in line with our commitment to the principles of One Planet Living. Between us we’re volunteering as charity trustees; patient voice representatives; at community sports events and for Citizens’ Advice.

Working with clients who share our commitment

It is important to us that we work with clients and partners who share our aspirations around ethical and sustainability commitments and who themselves take seriously the concepts of sustainability and social justice. We believe our client list and partners are testament to that commitment.


Download our Environmental Policy here: Just Ideas Environmental Policy February 2023