Sharing highlights from Just Ideas’ 2023 review of the year

Empowering Patient Voice: Showcasing our work with NHS England 

A big part of what Just Ideas do is to grow the voices, confidence and influence of individuals working and volunteering within community engagement roles. This includes delivering training for patient voice representatives – volunteers who share their lived experience – within NHS England.

Working with our long term partner organisation – WSA Associates – we are commissioned by NHS England to deliver training which supports these Patient and Public Voice (PPV) partners to grow their influence and impact in role.

NHS commissioners have a legal duty to ‘make arrangements’ to involve the public in commissioning. Consequently PPV partners work within all parts of the NHS to aid the development and delivery of services across healthcare.

The training that Just Ideas and WSA deliver has evolved over time, including moving online in 2020, and has continued to be well received by those who attend. The value to them is in the connections built with other PPV partners, as well as with the NHS staff who attend.

“The PPV training has empowered me – made me realise I am not the only one. I put my armour on – I am unstoppable!”

PPV partner attendee

For more information on our work with NHS England, please visit the 2023 Annual Review

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Launching the Just Ideas Annual Review of 2022

Mycelium: the underground network of branching fungal threads that heal the soil and facilitate the sharing of nutrients between plants and trees.  

In a whistle stop tour of our 15th year, the cover image * of the 2022 Just Ideas’ annual review depicts mycelium, reflecting this year’s theme of growth. Growth through networking and partnership. Growth through branching out. Growth through development of knowledge and understanding.

Not only has Just Ideas grown, we’re also deeply grateful to have supported others as they grow. We’ve valued our collaboration with so many brilliant people and organisations in 2022.

In the spirit of sharing tools and information, we’ve linked to examples and approaches which we hope you and your teams find helpful.

For more information about how we can work together in 2023 please contact us.

* Thank you to Natalie Ganpatsingh of Nature Nurture for the wonderful artwork.