Just Ideas’ and WSA named Practitioner of the Month by At My Best

One of the tools used by the Just Ideas team regularly are At My Best cards and we are delighted to have been named as their Practitioner of the Month joint with WSA.

Wendy (WSA) and Helen have to date incorporated At My Best cards into many of their joint training and facilitation adventures, recognising the cards’ potential for enhancing training activities. The team regularly ask participants to identify strengths either in themselves or in others by giving cards to each other to show appreciation of the strengths they value in members of the group or team. The cards are invaluable in exercises around team building and values alignment.

‘Practitioner of the Month’ has been awarded in relation to training delivered in Geneva with the NCD Alliance, training people from 10 different countries as peer trainers.

To find out more please visit the Practitioner of the Month article on the At My Best website.